New Jersey Business Immigration Coalition

Committed to Bipartisan and Common Sense Immigration Reform

The United States created its current immigration system more than half a century ago. The New Jersey Business Immigration Coalition believes that such an outdated and inefficient system cannot meet the needs of a vibrant, 21st century economy. For this reason, the Coalition is committed to sharing the best research and thinking on immigration policy with policy-makers, business leaders, and the public at large. Our goal is to achieve sensible and evidence-based immigration reform -- reform that enables us to draw on talent and labor from all over the world, calibrates immigration with the needs of the economy, and sustains our competitive advantage and core values as a “nation of immigrants.”

Coalition Examines the Role of Temporary Foreign Workers
in the New Jersey Economy

Labor force shortages have adversely affected many industries in New Jersey. Many of these industries rely on temporary foreign workers, legally admitted to the U.S., to fill positions that are seasonal or short-term in nature. Although these programs are intended to fill an important gap in the U.S. labor market, their shortcomings were apparent during the discussion that took place at a special Coalition program on December 1, 2022.

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Coalition Presents the 2022 Immigrant Entrepreneur Awards      

The NJ Business Immigration Coalition honored the winners of its 9thAnnual New Jersey Immigrant Entrepreneurs awards at the HOLA Expo and Conference of the Hudson County Chamber of Commerce on September 21 at Maritime Parc Restaurant in Liberty State Park, Jersey City. The awards program featured keynote speakers James Barrood, former CEO of the NJ Tech Council and author of Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Global Insights from 24 Leaders and Lessons from the Great Recession, and Leah Boustan, Professor of Economics and Director of Industrial Relations Section at Princeton University and co-author of Streets of Gold: America’s Untold Story of Immigrant Success.

The Role of Immigration in Easing Labor Shortages in New Jersey

The Coalition convened a group of national experts and industry representatives to discuss the connection between labor shortages and immigration levels on June 16, 2022. This virtual program was the inaugural event of the Garden State Immigration Policy Institute, a joint project of the NJ Business Immigration Coalition and the NJ Business and Industry Association. To watch a video of the program, click on the button below.

Help Wanted
Dreamers are American

Coalition Calls For an Immediate Legislative Solution
to the DACA Problem

At a time when there are labor shortages throughout many sectors of the economy, this is not the time to burden employers with the task of replacing the more than 10,000 talented DACA workers in New Jersey. For too long, these "dreamers" have been waiting for congressional action that never comes. Now they are threatened with court revocation of their temporary status. Members of both parties have signaled a willingness to regularize their status, and the great majority of Americans support such a solution, yet some lawmakers consider them bargaining chips in negotiations that never seem to go anywhere.

Coalition Endorses
Immigration Provisions in the
America COMPETES Act

In a statement sent to all members of the NJ congressional delegation, the Coalition expressed its support of provisions in the House-passed America COMPETES Act that provide important new pathways for entrepreneurs and critical STEM talent to enter the U.S. economy.

Mercer county

Gateways for Growth Grant   

In partnership with the Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Mercer County Office of Economic Development, the Coalition secured a "Gateways for Growth" grant to produce a report on the demographic and economic contributions of immigrants to Mercer County. The report was released at a virtual event on July 1, 2021.

   Opening the International Talent and Labor Pipeline

How can immigration policy promote economic recovery and growth?  How can we revive a bipartisan consensus on immigration? These were some of the questions discussed at a program entitled, "Opening the International Talent and Labor Pipeline," organized by the Coalition in partnership with the NJ Business and Industry Association on April 30, 2021. To access a video of the event, click on the link below.

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