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The Coalition has solicited input on immigration policy questions from a number of specialists in particular areas. Here is a sampling of their views.

Border Chaos and the Failure of Congress to Enact Long-Overdue Immigration Reform

Blog Post, Nicholas V. Montalto, Chair, Steering Committee, NJ Business Immigration Coalition… Any effort to reform the legal immigration system seems stalled or blocked pending resolution of the southern border problem. What some people on the left don’t seem to appreciate is that there are large numbers of people who are prepared to exploit our […]

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How Do We Continue to Attract Entrepreneurial Immigrants?

Guest blog post:  James Barrood, Founder & CEO of Innovation+…. It’s amazing how often immigrants are at the heart of the stories that represent America at its best: at its most hard-working, creative, entrepreneurial and hopeful. A month after the U.S. Open tennis tournament in Queens, I still can’t get over the passion and skill […]

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Reopening Doors to International Students and Scholars

Guest Blog Post, Elizabeth A. Gill, Director of International Employment and Immigration, Montclair State University…. International students and scholars are undeniably vital to the cultural and economic life of the United States. The Institute of International Education found that the United States hosted 914,095 international students and 85,538 scholars in the 2020-2021 academic year. In […]

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Immigrants Keep New Jersey Growing

Guest Blog Post, Tim Evans, Director of Research, New Jersey Future…. Immigrants constitute an increasingly crucial aspect of the state’s economic, social, and cultural fabrics. Almost one out of every four New Jerseyans (23.4%) was born in another country,[1]the second-highest foreign-born percentage among the 50 states (California is first, at 26.7%), making New Jersey a […]

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The H-1B Program: Building Block of the American Economy

Blog Post, Nicholas V. Montalto, Coordinator, NJBIC, May 14, 2021…. The field of U.S. immigration policy is filled with shorthand labels, and one of the more confusing and controversial ones is the “temporary” visa program called H-1B — a program that many people view as a vital building block of the American economy. The program provides […]

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