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Is Immigration Governance in the U.S. “Fragmented” and “Diffuse?” Legal Scholar Says Yes.

  Arguing that “immigration is not a program to be administered” but rather “a phenomenon to be managed,” Ruth Ellen Wasem, former immigration specialist for the Congressional Research Service and now a Professor of Public Policy at the University of Texas, reviews the “checkered past” of immigration policy over the last century and, despite numerous […]

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Scholar Laments the Fact that Many Policy Makers Disregard Social Science Expertise in Developing Immigration Policy

Why is social science expertise important in policymaking, and why is such expertise noticeably shunned in immigration policymaking, an area of governance often swirling in a sea of misinformation, prejudice, and political posturing?  These are two questions that the author of this paper seeks to answer. She begins by reviewing the history of the “administrative […]

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Easily Accessible Online Data Sources Providing a Broad Range of Information on the Foreign-born and Immigration

This report contains a long list of easily accessible online data sources providing a broad range of information on the foreign-born and immigration, including demographic characteristics, English proficiency, health and health care access, labor force characteristics, annual immigration admissions, undocumented immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers, temporary humanitarian statuses, immigration enforcement, state-based policies, public opinion about […]

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