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The Coalition highlights selected news and opinion pieces that contribute to the dialogue on immigration issues. We do not necessarily endorse the views of the authors.

(OPINION) We Need an America First Immigration Policy: Our immmigration system should put the country’s needs first — and we need more labor

Postcards from the great American labor shortage: A couple arrives at the Seattle airport after a 5-hour flight and stands in line at the car rental desk. It quickly becomes clear that something is wrong. The line snakes through the garage. People are angry. At the desk sits a harassed employee explaining that while, yes, […]

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(NEWS) The Crisis Facing Nursing Homes, Assisted Living and Home Day Care for America’s Elderly

…Since January 2020, 400,000 nursing home and assisted living staff have quit, citing pandemic exhaustion as well as the low pay and lack of advancement opportunities typical of the field. The job losses arrive when America already faces an elder caregiver shortage, as 10,000 people daily turn 65 and birth rates decline. The labor shortage gripping America’s workforce across industries is […]

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(OPINION) America Has an Innovation Problem. The H-1B visa backlog is making it worse.

Since the early 20th century, the US has been a world leader in innovation and technical progress. In recent decades, however, some experts have worried that the country’s performance on these fronts has been slowing, even stalling. There are many possible explanations for this phenomenon, but one has seemed especially salient in recent years: an immigration system that discourages, and often […]

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(OPINION) More Immigration Doesn’t Have to Spell Demographic Doom for Republicans

The conservative intelligentsia is in the grip of a profound demographic pessimism—a sense that a diversifying America necessarily spells doom for the right, and that the movement’s only hope is therefore to halt, or at least sharply reduce, immigrant inflows. Portents of demographic doom have long been a mainstay of conservative media, whether on the […]

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(OPINION) Smarter Immigration Policies Could Help Alleviate the Semiconductor Shortage

From semiconductors to infant formula, U.S. consumers are facing acute shortages of essential goods. Ironically, both global and anti-global forces are behind this current disruption in supply chain. On the one hand, the shortage of infant formula reflects a highly protectionist trade regime that has led to dramatic concentration in production—only four domestic firms produce 90 […]

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