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The Coalition highlights selected news and opinion pieces that contribute to the dialogue on immigration issues. We do not necessarily endorse the views of the authors.

(OPINION) What America would look like with zero immigration

During four years in office, President Donald Trump reduced immigration admissions in every way that American law makes possible without congressional approval — cutting refugee numbers, deporting law-abiding members of American citizens’ families and then finally halting all entry to the US amid the pandemic for a period before blocking the issuance of new green […]

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(OPINION) George W. Bush: Immigration is a defining asset of the United States. Here’s how to restore confidence in our system

Next week, I’m proud to publish a new collection of my paintings, entitled “Out of Many, One.” The book may not set the art world stirring — hopefully, the critics won’t call it “One Too Many.” I set out to accomplish two things: to share some portraits of immigrants, each with a remarkable story I […]

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(OPINION) The Economic Case for High-Skilled Immigration

While on the campaign trail, former President Donald Trump flip-flopped quite a bit in his rhetoric over the H-1B visa, an employer-sponsored temporary visa that allows companies to hire high-skilled foreign workers for up to 3 years in most cases and 6 years upon extension. Despite his indecisiveness, Trump’s platform was consistent in outlining a […]

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(NEWS) Huge Trump era and pandemic immigrant visa backlog poses challenge for Biden

Even though President Joe Biden has moved to reverse many of his predecessor’s anti-immigration policies, the consequences of those restrictive measures linger and have contributed to a massive backlog of nearly 2.6 million visa applications. The backlog includes nearly half a million applicants who are “documentarily qualified” and ready for interviews, according to a recent […]

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(OPINION) Immigration bill would help keep STEM grad students in the U.S. — but must include more majors

In 1958, a young Israeli doctoral student came to Berkeley, California, to study psychology. He   eventually spent most of his career in the U.S. The student’s name was Daniel Kahneman, and he helped to create the field of behavioral economics, won a Nobel Prize and became an inspiration to many Americans — from scholars and […]

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(OPINION) Aligning Immigration Policies And Business Needs for a New, Post-Pandemic America

The Biden Administration is taking quick action to reform U.S. immigration policies, including overhauling programs aimed at bringing more skilled foreign workers into the U.S. to address the talent gap. This is promising news for the tech sector, parts of which are experiencing accelerated growth as the demand for services and technologies continues to surge. Yet, […]

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