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The Coalition highlights selected news and opinion pieces that contribute to the dialogue on immigration issues. We do not necessarily endorse the views of the authors.

(NEWS) Murphy signs law allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain professional licenses

Immigrants without legal status can now obtain professional and occupational licenses in New Jersey as long as they meet all other requirements under a bill signed into law Tuesday by Gov. Phil Murphy. In a virtual signing ceremony broadcast live on Facebook, Murphy said the bill prohibits lawful presence in the United States as a qualification […]

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(OPINION) A Growing Immigration Divide: Trump and Biden stake out opposite ends of a complex issue — leaving a vacuum in the middle

In 2016, Donald Trump made immigration restrictions a signature campaign issue, one that drew a core group of passionate voters. Since becoming president, Trump has pursued policies aimed at significantly reducing immigration—especially in the months after Covid-19 arrived on our shores. Yet some voters, polls show, have balked at his more draconian measures, which should […]

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(NEWS) New Jersey to allow Professional and Occupational Licensing Regardless of Immigration Status

Last week, the New Jersey Assembly sent legislation to Governor Phil Murphy’s desk that would prohibit the state’s professional and occupational licensing agencies from requiring applicants to establish lawful presence in the United States as a condition of obtaining a professional or occupational license. Gov. Murphy is expected to sign the bill into law according to his spokesperson, Alyana […]

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(OPINION) Why the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is Suing the Trump Administration

Over the past few weeks, the Trump administration has decided to close the door to engineers, executives, information technology experts, doctors, nurses and others who come to the United States on work visas. It has attempted to ban international students from attending American colleges and universities that hold classes virtually in the fall. And it […]

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(OPINION) I’m the President of M.I.T. America Needs Foreign Students

Why is foreign talent so important to the United States? For the same reason the Boston Red Sox don’t limit themselves to players born in Boston: The larger the pool you draw from, the larger the supply of exceptional talent. Moreover, America gains immense creative advantage by educating top domestic students alongside top international students. […]

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(NEWS) What Happens Next for DACA?

DACA remains vulnerable, however. President Trump and officials in his administration have said they plan to end the program, and the Supreme Court ruling left the door open for them to do so should they follow certain steps. Meanwhile, a group of students who were too young to apply for DACA before the program was […]

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