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The Coalition highlights selected news and opinion pieces that contribute to the dialogue on immigration issues. We do not necessarily endorse the views of the authors.

(OPINION) America needs a startup visa program to aid entrepreneurs

Moderna, Pfizer, Google, Tesla. These iconic companies are helping to drive the 21st century economy. Collectively they employ hundreds of thousands of Americans. And all were started by immigrants. Their founders also had to overcome unnecessary barriers that have blocked the path of other foreign-born entrepreneurs. We have seen this saga too many times: An […]

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(OPINION) Why Immigration Reform Matters to Local Communities

Being a nation of immigrants isn’t just part of America’s identity, it’s part of the growth engine that’s made us the most powerful and prosperous country in the world.  But today our immigration system is broken and in desperate need of repair.  While for many years, the Chamber has talked about immigration’s national implications, it is foremost a local story. […]

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(NEWS) Democrats are going it alone on immigration reform

After years of failed bipartisan talks on immigration reform, Democrats in Congress are pushing to go it alone and legalize millions of undocumented immigrants. They’re hoping to provide a path to citizenship to several key groups: undocumented “DREAMers” who came to the US as children; people with Temporary Protected Status, a form of humanitarian protection typically […]

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