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(OPINION) As the U.S. birth rate falls, immigration reform may be ‘the answer hiding in plain sight,’ analyst says

As the U.S. fertility rate continues to fall, there are growing concerns about the long-term economic impact: A smaller population means less tax revenue, which could reduce funding for programs such as Social Security and Medicare. But immigration policy reform could be one solution, some experts say. The U.S. birth rate fell slightly in 2022 compared with 2021, […]

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Article discusses the fading appeal of the U.S. as a destination for international students

This article explores the history of international education in the US and its potential future prospects here and globally. Colleges and universities in the United States typically attract more than a million international students annually, with Asian countries sending the most students. A strategy that began in the nineteenth century with missionary goals and evolved […]

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(OPINION) Can two former presidents unravel the immigration knot?

Comprehensive immigration reform — perhaps America’s most pressing domestic need — should not be as difficult as the parties’ two extremes make it out to be. The interests of ultra-crunchy progressives on the left and nativists on the right are both served by a false choice between “comprehensive immigration reform” and a small, targeted bill, […]

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