(NEWS) In an increasingly pessimistic era, immigrant espouse a hallmark American trait — optimism

Two sisters. Two American dreams. Two very different results.

Maria Del Pilar Barradas-Medel and her older sister Maria Del Consuelo emigrated from Mexico nearly three decades ago. They wanted, more or less, a better life for themselves and the families they hoped for. They wanted schools and jobs — where they could make more than $5 a day — and an end to daily struggles in their home on the outskirts of Mexico City.

Maria Del Consuelo would last only a few months in Southern California, forced back home to care for their ailing newborn sister — child No. 10 in their poor, sprawling family.

Barradas-Medel stayed in the Los Angeles suburbs with her husband, Alejandro Medel. She is glad she did. Maria Del Consuelo wishes she could have too…

Brittney Mejia et al, Los Angeles Times, September 17, 2023
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