(NEWS) National Chamber of Commerce meeting discusses how immigration is a solution to workforce challenges

As the national workforce shortage persists and is further exacerbated by the nation’s large aging population moving into retirement, businesses across the country are seeking solutions to address workforce needs and fill open positions. Many chambers of commerce have continued to present a solution: modernizing an outdated immigration system to better meet the needs of the local, state, and national economies.

In October, the American Immigration Council saw these efforts in action. The Council partnered with the Greater Houston Partnership for the seventh annual Global Talent Chamber Network (GTCN) Convening in Houston, Texas. The event brought together chambers from states across the United States, including Texas, Michigan, Kentucky, and Ohio, to learn from experts and one another about how the business community can collaborate more closely with its immigrant and refugee neighbors to ensure a more equitable future where everyone can thrive and ensure newcomers can contribute their skills to their local community and economy…

American Immigration Council, November 2, 2023
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