(NEWS) New data shows why the U.S. needs more immigrants

As the fight over immigration reached peak chaos in the U.S. Senate earlier this month, the Congressional Budget Office held a press conference nearby. The director’s briefing about the latest economic forecast seemed disconnected from the political drama playing out a few blocks away. But its analysis was closely linked to immigration policy.

The nonpartisan budget office, which estimates future tax revenue and government spending, continued projecting that the nation would spend trillions of dollars more than it brings in. The growing deficit is mainly the result of high interest rates, more people receiving Medicare and Social Security benefits, and rising healthcare costs. On top of that, revenue plunged after Republicans passed a law in 2017 that cut taxes for businesses and wealthy individuals.

Yet economists projected a smaller deficit and national debt than last year. One key reason is that they expect rising immigration to boost the U.S. economy…

Alexia Fernandez Campbell, Center for Public Integrity, February 23, 2024
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