(NEWS) Tech Workers Choosing Canada And U.K. Over U.S. Due To Immigration Hassles in America

Tech workers fed up with the hassles of trying to get a work visa in the U.S. are flocking to Canada where highly-skilled temporary foreign workers can apply for permanent residency and are free to change jobs, reports the Insider financial and business news website.

“(Canada) also requires only a three-year permanent-residency period before you can apply for citizenship, much faster than the decade it can take in the U.S.,” reports the news source formerly known as Business Insider.

“The wait can be even longer for immigrants from India and China, given the limits for each country.”

The fly-in the ointment for foreign-trained tech workers hoping to find jobs in the U.S. is the now-infamous H1-B visa.

Capped at 85,000 visas for most occupations and turning away almost as many as it accepts every year, the H1-B application process is lengthy, usually requiring four applications. 

Colin R. Singer, Immigration.ca, April 12, 2023
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