(OPINION) Beware the coming immigration crisis (when parolees finish their two years of legal status)

For all the chaos at the border, the one thing that President Biden has been credited for is his aggressive use of executive action to decrease the need for immigrants to enter at the border. Lacking any congressional action on immigration, Biden has paroled people in the United States so long as they apply from abroad and do not cross over the border illegally.

This expansion initially resulted in a dramatic decrease of persons seeking entry at the border, with sources reporting as much as a 95 percent decrease in the first month of the program. This contributed to an overall decrease of persons at the border significant enough to bring border encounters to its lowest number in two years by the summer.

Yet for all its success, this program is the foundation of a coming immigration crisis. ..

Christopher Richardson & Ben McEuen, The Hill, November 22, 2023
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