(OPINION) Canada’s effort to attract U.S.-trained skilled immigrants

The U.S. engages in the global innovation race every single day. From artificial intelligence to nuclear technology and net-zero ambitions, cutting-edge innovation is crucial to protecting the U.S.’s economic wellbeing and security. According to the Global Innovation Index, the United States falls behind Switzerland, ranking second for the most innovative economies in the world.

Yet our biggest competition comes from the countries ranking behind us. China and South Korea are rapidly rising through the ranks, nearing ever closer to overtaking American innovation. And thanks to our ongoing immigration failures that drive talented immigrants away, Canada is also close in the rearview mirror.

This month, Canada launched a new visa specifically for individuals already holding an American H-1B visa. Less than 48 hours after the launch, 10,000 applications were already submitted…

Cecelia Esterline, Niskanen Center, July 21, 2023
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