(OPINION) From farm to table, immigrant workers keep America fed, but Trump-era policies helped create a labor shortfall that is causing food prices to rise

With Thanksgiving less than a week away, inflation continues to make headlines for driving up food prices, both at grocery stores and in restaurants. A major factor behind those increases is the cost of labor, where companies’ struggles to find and retain staff are having ripple effects from farm to table. Supply chain problems are intrinsically tied to labor issues, and the US food supply chain is facing a particular labor shortage that has deepened over the past five years: foreign-born workers. Had US immigration levels maintained their pre-2016 trajectory, the US would have roughly 2 million more people today, analysts at both JPMorgan and Grant Thornton estimate.

Dominick Reuter & Mary Meisenzzah, Business Insider, November 21, 2021
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