(OPINION) Immigration And Diverse Populace Made America An Innovation Superpower

New research shows immigration and a diverse population propelled America’s rise as a superpower in innovation. The study examined surnames, counties and patents from the 1850s to the 1940s to reach its findings. The research, bolstered by other recent studies, shows increasing immigration likely enhances innovation, productivity growth and labor force growth—essential elements to raising economic growth and producing a higher standard of living in America.

Smith, Jones and Patel

Imagine two areas of the United States and predict which will produce the most innovations. In one county, nearly all the people are named Smith and Jones. They think alike and share the same lifetime experiences. In a second county, people have diverse backgrounds and experiences and have last names like Smith and Jones but also Patel, Nguyen, Jimenez, Adebayo and others. The research finds the more diverse county will produce the most innovations…

Stuart Anderson, Forbes, October 18, 2023
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