(OPINION) Immigration legislation essential to future of farming

Agriculture is essential to Pennsylvania – to our economy, our rural and urban communities, our history, and our future. Farm work is tough, with long hours and extreme conditions. During the coronavirus pandemic, this work only picked up as farmers and ranchers were deemed essential to ensure the U.S. food supply chain wouldn’t collapse. Even though going to work meant significant risks to their health, farmers and farm workers showed up each day to support their families and sustain our food supply.

Now it’s time for Congress to show up for our agricultural community. Farmers and farmworkers face overwhelming challenges of labor shortages and the threat of deportation. These challenges can and must be addressed through two straightforward steps to ensure that our agricultural industry and community are on solid ground: passing the Farm Workforce Modernization Act and the Dream Act.

Vanessa Garcia Polanco et al, Observer-Reporter, June 29, 2021
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