(OPINION) It’s Simple Math: We Need Immigration Reform Now

The U.S. economy has a math problem.

Today, there are two open jobs for every one American. Meanwhile, the economy shrugs off this math dilemma and steadily adds thousands of jobs each month, pushing the unemployment rate down further. Today, just 3.7 percent of our nation’s working people are unemployed according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Despite concerns of an impending recession or the negative effects of inflation on individuals and the economy, companies are paying workers more, competing for fewer workers, and jobs continue to remain plentiful. In the manufacturing sector alone, there are more than 1 million job openings to make everything from tractors to shredded cheese. Eventually, according to the Manufacturing Institute in Washington, D.C., manufacturers will need to fill 4 million jobs by 2030.

Michael Dykes, The Hill, December 2, 2022
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