(OPINION) Michael Bloomberg Urges Biden and Congress to Fix the Immigration Crisis in Our Cities

Our long-broken immigration system has now become a full-blown crisis with the collapse of the asylum process. The Biden administration has failed to address the steep price many cities are paying for a system they didn’t create and borders the cities don’t control. The White House ought to recognize the political damage the crisis will do to Democrats up and down the ticket in 2024 if it doesn’t take swift and decisive action.

The number of people seeking asylum at the southern border increased under President Donald Trump and has grown further under President Biden. The partial border wall has done nothing to slow the flow. Both parties created the problem, and both parties must work together to fix it.

For starters, current federal law prevents asylum seekers who have already been admitted into the United States from immediately working. The process of receiving a work authorization can take a year or longer. In the meantime, how are asylum seekers expected to pay rent and feed themselves and their families? This amounts to state-enforced poverty and vagrancy — against people who have shown extraordinary fortitude and grit in journeying here, often at great risk, for the opportunity to work and build a better life….

Michael Bloomberg, The New York Times, September 28, 2023
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