(OPINION) The Case for Legal Immigration Reform: Inaction Forces Small Businesses to Delay Growth

Mike Zaffaroni, owner and president of the Liberty Landscape Supply, is ready to expand his small business, but the persistent worker shortage is stopping those plans cold.

“The labor shortage has impacted our business more significantly than any other single factor in the entire 16 years that I’ve been in business,” says Zaffaroni. “It impacts our ability to grow at the rate that we want to grow.”

The small business, based in Jacksonville, Florida, depends heavily on foreign national workers here on temporary work visas—and there simply aren’t enough to fulfill business demand.

“There’s not nearly enough visas available every year for all of the businesses that are looking for workers,” Zaffaroni says. “There’s no level of predictability as to whether or not we’re going to get those visas and the associated workers in the future…”

Thaddeus Swanek, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
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