(OPINION) The U.S. needs this job-creating visa option for immigrant entrepreneurs

Congress recently passed a budget resolution that allocates $107 billion to fund immigration reforms. To maximize returns on this significant investment, Congress should create new opportunities for foreign-born entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses in the U.S.  We know the long odds for immigrant innovators—because we faced them ourselves.

Growing up in Brazil, America was a land of opportunity; where we knew we could show up with nothing, and build something that lasts. We knew immigrants had founded titans like Google, SpaceX and PayPal. What we learned later is that half of domestic, high-growth companies in America today were founded by an immigrant or a child of an immigrant. As two coding-obsessed teenagers from families of modest means, we knew America was where we could take our love of technology to new heights.

Henrique Dubugras & Pedro Franceschi, MarketWatch, August 30, 2021
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