(OPINION) Why Immigration Reform Matters to Local Communities

Being a nation of immigrants isn’t just part of America’s identity, it’s part of the growth engine that’s made us the most powerful and prosperous country in the world.  But today our immigration system is broken and in desperate need of repair.  While for many years, the Chamber has talked about immigration’s national implications, it is foremost a local story. It’s the story of families, of small towns, and of local communities. It’s the story of businesses and industries that have been created and prospered because of the ingenuity of an immigrant and the opportunity to start a new business.  At a recent Chamber event, Putting Communities First: How Immigration Reform Will Drive Economic Growth, business leaders described how the lack of reform hurts their communities and impedes America’s global competitiveness.


Sean Hackbarth, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Jully 26, 2021
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