(VIDEO) Will the U.S. continue to attract the world’s top student talent?

One of the great accomplishments of U.S. higher education has been its ability to attract top student talent from all over the world. Whether international students remain in the U.S. after finishing their studies or return home, they have gained remarkable distinction as innovators, entrepreneurs, and business leaders in their respective fields. They also often serve as strong advocates for democratic values in their home countries.

Maintaining U.S. leadership in this important area, especially in the face of growing competition from other industrialized nations and troubling declines in international student enrollment in the U.S., was the theme of the May 11, 2023, program of the Garden State Immigration Policy Institute.

Featured speakers included Stuart Anderson, Executive Director of the National Foundation for American Policy, and Miriam Feldblum, Director of the Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration, a national coalition of more than 500 college and university presidents interested in advancing effective immigration policies. The program also included a  panel of speakers from five New Jersey colleges and universities: Gokhan Alkanat, Associate Provost for International Education, Rowan University; Amparo Codding, Professor and International Student Advisor, Bergen Community College; Eric (Rick) Garfunkel, Vice President for Global Affairs, Rutgers University; Elizabeth A. Gill, Director of International Employment & Immigration, Montclair State University; and Katsumi Kishida, Assoc. Director of International Students and Scholars, Kean University and current chair of NAFSA Region X (New York & New Jersey).

Below is a video of the entire 90 minute program.