Coalition Releases Statement on Border Policy

Tackling one of the most important and challenging immigration issues confronting our nation, i.e. how to manage the nation’s borders, the New Jersey Business Immigration Coalition has published a set of suggestions for consideration by members of Congress and the Biden administration.

Created in 2019, the Coalition consists of 32 member organizations, including some of the largest business organizations in the State of New Jersey. The goal of the Coalition is to promote bipartisan and evidence-based solutions to the immigration challenges facing our state and nation.

Recognizing that border management has been a preoccupation of both Republican and Democratic administrations and that it will likely remain a pressing issue for years to come, the Coalition set out to gather fresh ideas and new perspectives on the topic. Consulting with leading immigration experts, the Coalition produced a “10-10” document, i.e. ten observations about the situation at the border and ten suggestions for a more effective approach to the problem.

As detailed in the document, the Coalition expects that cross-border mobility, after shrinking during the pandemic,  will likely increase in the years to come; that additional legal channels need to be established for both temporary and permanent migration in order to fill labor shortages in the U.S. and reduce illegal entries; that an overhaul of the asylum system to prevent abuse and to achieve greater efficiency in processing applications should be a high priority; and that international collaboration to control migrant flows could work to the benefit of both migrants and governments.

The Coalition emphasized that it is not wedded to a single point of view, or to a specific set of recommendations. Rather it is  concerned to promote creative dialogue grounded in facts and leading to lasting solutions supported by members of both political parties

According to Coalition Co-Founder Katherine Kish, Executive Director of Einstein’s Alley, “the ability of people of different ideological persuasions and political affiliations to work together on immigration matters is a tradition that we’d like to revive.” The Coalition hopes that its statement might help to reduce politicization of border issues and galvanize bipartisan work on border reform.

To read the statement, click on the following link: