(VIDEO) Coalition holds event with the Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce to mark the release of a report on the impact of immigration in Mercer County

A new report commissioned by the Coalition in partnership with the Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce, and the Mercer County Office of Economic Development, underscores the critical role immigrants play in the County’s labor force, business creation, and STEM innovation. Prepared by New American Economy, the report was unveiled at the July 1, 2021, virtual membership meeting of the Princeton Chamber.

Between 2014 and 2019 the Mercer County population decreased by 0.4 percent, while the immigrant population grew by 9.8 percent. Without growth in the immigrant population, the total population in Mercer County would have decreased even more, by 2.5 percent. In 2019 alone, immigrants in Mercer County held $2.8 billion in spending power, and paid over $916 million in federal taxes and $415 million in state and local taxes. Despite making up 23.1 percent of the area’s overall population, immigrants represent 43.4 percent of construction workers, 43.2 percent of manufacturing workers, and 39.3 percent of professional service workers.

Joining Chamber President Hal English and NJBIC members at the event, and offering comments on the report, were County Executive Brian Hughes, New American Economy Executive Director Jeremy Robbins, and Dr. Jianping Wang, President of Mercer County Community College. The Event was chaired by Anthony Carabelli, Jr., Director of the Mercer County Office of Economic Development. To watch a video off the event, click the link below.